Benefits of reading product reviews before making purchase decisions

Reading product reviews are not only important, they are very beneficiary as well. Believe it or not, reading product reviews greatly affect your purchase decisions especially when buying shoes. Reading both positive and negative product reviews will not only help you decide but will also offer you many benefits. The benefits of reading product reviews before making purchase decisions are countless. In this post, we will be discussing the most significant benefits the consumers will get after paying attention to product reviews. To get a correct and make a wise decision, real product reviews from the community and the reviewer who has experienced the product would be a great idea. While the product specs and prices are truly important, the presence of product reviews will be truly advantageous and convenient for the consumers as well.

What is a purchase decision

Before buying a certain item, the consumers go through a decision-making process in which they get to determine if they really need to buy an item such as a pair of shoes, or not. According to the Wharton University of Pennsylvania, a purchase decision is the thought process that leads a consumer from identifying a need, generating options, and choosing a specific product and brand. Some purchase decisions are minor, like buying toothpaste, while other purchases are major, like buying a house or large appliances. The more major the purchase decision, the more effort is typically put into the process. This purchase decision-making process will be greatly affected by these product reviews. That is why there are many great benefits if you read product reviews before plunging in to purchase.

Benefits of reading product reviews before making purchase decisions

You get a piece of other consumers’ experiences

One of the most distinct benefits of reading product reviews is that you’re able to get a piece of real people’s experiences. You have the chance to read what the person has experienced with the purchased item. This is important since every buyer has had a different user experience with the same product. These reviews will eventually help you decide if you would want to proceed with purchasing or not. Reading them will also help you in knowing real feedbacks and truths about an item you are eyeing. And, in order to know the real truth, it is ideal to go for the product reviews written about the purchase. The benefit of reading these product reviews is that you have firsthand experience with real users.

Provides you with detailed and useful information

The product reviews written and posted will also give you an idea and detailed information on your chosen product. Detailed product reviews will also offer you pros and cons, which are both very helpful. Also, you will get to read about the consumer insights that allow one to make a decision on products. A good example is two running shoes from different brands. Before buying, you will read the insights, pros, and cons of each pair of shoe, and then make a wise decision before doing your purchase. Therefore, you have to read as much reviews as you can and eventually make comparisons to see the bigger pictures on the performances, features, and whether it will fulfill your needs. Product reviews will provide you an information on why every product was made, and for that reason, you’re buying it.

Saves you trouble

A lot of shoppers and consumers find trouble purchasing something online. However, you will only need to read a couple product reviews so that you can save yourself from trouble. For example, you will save money to buy a product like a phone that did not work well for hundreds of reviewers or which have defects. Another instance that some buyers might experience is problems with the shipping process. If you find several people writing reviews that a certain product had a fault in a certain system and manufacturing, you save yourself the trouble of buying that product because you already know the faults. Reading product reviews will also help you identify rogue sellers. Some sellers put up items they don’t have and don’t intend to have. By reading product reviews, you will learn from those that have been victims and be wise enough to avoid them.

It can help you manage your expectations

The product reviews up on a website help a customer to know what the product features are and what to expect. Many product reviews contain the details and feature an item has. When it comes to shoes, many product reviews will give you detailed descriptions on the shoes’ feel, fit, and performance so that as a future buyer, you already know what to expect from the product.

Helps you to do a price comparison

If you do a price comparison, you might spend less buying same features, big brands with big names sell at higher prices compared to less known brands with the same features. A pair of soccer shoes with great cleats from a big brand is more expensive than soccer shoes with the same type of cleats from a less popular brand. If you are saving money, why on earth should you pay more for a brand with the same features when you can buy it for less. You must not be brand crazy, it is ideal to go for functionality. Product reviews help you compare prices and features at the same time. With sellers’ and product reviews, you’re able to determine the different prices of different products from different sellers. So you get to buy from the one with the least price.

Help you choose which will be suitable for you

Reading product reviews let you see if it actually has what you need. When buying a pair of shoe, you have to know what will you use it for. Whether it be for work, gym, running, trekking, etc., you have to know which will be the most suitable for you. If you choose to get a pair of shoes for trekking, you get to read and know the basic things. After further reading, you might see that others have better traction and can even work well on mud. Product reviews help you understand, gain knowledge and details to help you choose the best item that would match your preferences.

Offers you peace of mind

The last but not the least benefit of reading product reviews is that you get to enjoy a peace of mind after doing a purchase. When you go through reviews, even before delivery and after purchase, you get to have a peace of mind you have because you know what to expect. You also know when will be the estimated time of arrival. But when you don’t know, you’re in doubts over your purchase. Reading reviews reassures you that you made a good purchase decision.


When it comes to product reviews, not only the seller gets all the benefits but the consumers as well. The most appreciated benefit is that future buyers will get to read and know the experiences of users and consumers. This and all the other benefits mentioned above will truly help a lot when it comes to making purchase decisions. So, when the time comes when you need to buy a pair of good shoes, don’t rush into it. Take time to read reviews on the pair that you like. And, do not forget to visit Shoe Adviser for some expert review on shoes.

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