10 Best Shoes for Standing All Day in 2021

Brooks Ghost 12 Check Latest Price New Balance 626 V2 Check Latest Price Dansko Women XP 2.0 Check Latest Price Show Contents Hide Contents Content Most professions like counter attendants, bartenders, chefs, waiters, and other jobs require standing for most of the day. To stand is natural, but continuously can cause fatigue, feet soreness, and low back ... Read more

How Do You Prevent Bunions?

Introduction There is only one way to prevent bunions from getting worse and that is to keep them well-managed. Taking care of your overall health as well as wearing the right type of footwear will help you keep your bunions manageable. Keeping extra pressure off of your bunions on a daily basis, and not allowing … Read more

12 Best Tap Dancing Shoes in 2021

10 DanceNwear Youth Adult Applause
Miller & Ben Triple Threat Leather sole 1.5” heel Compressed Wood / Leather Heel Check Latest Price Theatricals Adult Lace Up Synthetic Sole Leather upper Lace Up Closure Check Latest Price Bloch Tap-Flex Leather 100% Leather Full-leather Split Sole Strong Heel Counter Check Latest Price Show Contents Hide Contents Content Dancing is a sport just ... Read more

How to Lace Basketball Shoes

Introduction Basketball shoes are shoes that are meant to be worn while playing basketball game, to avoid injury to the feet and ankle. This shoe protect the feet and leg of the players. There are three different types of basket ball player. The high top basketball shoe which protect the players ankle, good got those … Read more

Plantar Fasciitis Causes and Home Treatments

Introduction There are many types of foot conditions that result in foot pain. One of the most common causes of foot pain is Plantar Fasciitis. Plantar Fasciitis is the result of inflammation of the fascia. The fascia is the band of tissue that is quite thick at your foot’s bottom. And when the fascia is … Read more