The Best Shoes For Chefs In 2017

Professionals rely on specialty tools all the time because just anything off the shelf of a department store usually won’t suffice. For chefs, cookware and knives might be the first thing that people think of. However, the right shoes are equally as important as the right knife. Think about it; chefs spend most of their … Read more

Best Shoes For Standing On Your Feet All Day

Whichever industry you’re in, there are some jobs which require a huge amount of time being spent standing. I personally am a Nurse, and can attest to the amount of time I spend on my feet each day. I would estimate spending more than 75% of the time on my feet whilst working 12 hour … Read more

The Best Steel Toe Boots & Safety Shoes In 2017

One of the most important things we all have to consider when in the workplace is safety. Not only is it an employers responsibility to ensure the workplace is safe and free of hazard, as an employee we must ensure we protect ourselves physically where possible. Depending on your line of work, many of the … Read more

The Best Shoes For Nurses In 2017

If you’ve come across this page you’re probably looking for a pair of the best nursing shoes to help get you through those long shifts. Whether you’re a registered nurse, seasoned surgeon, or an up and coming student, there will come a time when new footwear is required to go with your medical scrubs. Your … Read more