The Best Running Shoes Ever: 2017 Update

A woman showing her running shoesSo, it’s time for a new pair of running sneakers and you’re after the top rated that money can buy right? Well you’ve come to the right place. There are so many price ranges, brands and types that it can become rather overwhelming at times. Whether you’re going for a mud run, a marathon or just using a treadmill, it’s essential that you’re wearing the best running shoes within your budget. By bringing you comprehensive, informative and unbiased reviews we aim to take the stress and time wasting out of reading through reams of technically useless jargon. In this section we’ll efficiently help you understand what to search for in order to find the best shoes for running in 2017, and also review the pros and cons of each pair. Please see further below some of the latest running shoe reviews of the top products which are hot on the market in 2017.

The Best Running Shoes In 2017 Compared

Women’s Running Shoes

#Brand / Reviewed ModelUpperSoleTypePrice
1ASICS GEL-NoosaSyntheticRubberTriathlon
2ASICS GEL-Nimbus100% PolyesterRubber
3ASICS GEL-Venture®SyntheticRubber
4Brooks Adrenaline GTSMeshRubber
5Nike RevolutionSynthetic & MeshRubber
6Nike Air Max 2017MeshRubber
7PUMA TazonSyntheticRubberCross Training
8Salomon SpeedcrossSyntheticSyntheticTrail Running
9Salomon XRSyntheticRubberTrail Running
10Saucony CohesionSyntheticSynthetic

Men’s Running Shoes

#Brand / Reviewed ModelUpperSoleTypePrice
1Adidas Performance Ultra BoostTextile / SyntheticRubber
2ASICS FuzeXTextile / SyntheticRubber
3Brooks GhostTextileRubber
4Brooks TranscendMeshRubber
5Mizuno Wave HitogamiTextile / SyntheticRubberCross Training
6New Balance Fresh Foam ZanteSynthetic / MeshRubber
7Nike LunarglideMeshRubber
8Saucony KinvaraSyntheticRubber
9Saucony PeregrineSynthetic / Fabric RubberTrail Running
10Saucony Xodus ISOSyntheticRubberTrail Running

How To Choose Good Running Shoes

It’s important to know their anatomy in order to understand what characteristics to look out for when choosing the best running shoes. Below we discuss the various parts of a common running shoe and offer advice on what to seek and what to avoid:

  1. Ankle HeightThe anatomy of a running shoe Finding the right ankle height can be difficult although most running shoe brands have got this figured pretty well now based on the proportion of shoe size to ankle height. Too high and it will irritate you and cause rub, too low and it will fail to support.
  2. Back Height – Similar to the above, the back height is extremely important because this area comes into contact with the back of foot during roll. If the quality is poor or too high there will be painful friction and could cause injury to the Achilles Tendon.
  3. Back Tab – Look for a soft but well padded back tab which will provide cushioning and minimal pain if too much contact is made due to incorrect fit.
  4. Eyebrow – If the eyebrow is too narrow it will not serve the shoe well and provide less support.
  5. Forefoot Flex – The horizontal grooves in the forefoot of running shoe midsoles are called flex grooves. As the name implies, flex grooves are designed to promote flex of the forefoot across. You’ll usually see the grooves in a picture of the underneath / outer sole.
  6. Forefoot – Considering forefoot running as better than landing on your heels, it’s a good idea to seek sneakers which place emphasis on added cushioning and support in this area.
  7. Midfoot / Waist – A comfortable width is paramount. For example, too wide and you’ll miss out on the all important support, there will be play in the shoe and injury imminent. Too narrow and in no time you’ll be experiencing pain. There are specific jogging shoes for wide feet and also those which cater for narrow feet too. Additionally, the arch support is addressed in this area, so for those after a pair of running shoes for plantar fasciitis make sure the internal arches are relatively high and positioned correctly to reduce your foot pain.
  8. Midsole – A good quality midsole is key to providing good cushioning and shock absorption for the heel. The best running shoes usually have a thick midsole which can be made of any material such as gel, or perhaps have air chambers for added comfort.
  9. Outsole – Also known as the sole, this can be found in a variety of materials. Generally, good running shoes will often be made of rubber for better grip. If you’re into mud runs or trail running, look for sneakers which have spikes as you’ll need the extra traction.
  10. Toebox – This is the frontal area of the upper which provides space and protection for the toes. Generally rounded in shape, always leave a centimeter or so between your longest toe and the inner perimeter of the shoe. It may feel as if the shoe is too big to begin with, but this is required and will eventually avoid things like blisters and black toe nails. Anything with a wide toe box is also usually considered as a pair of good bunion shoes i.e more room which means less friction on the bunion or bunionette.
  11. Tongue – The tongue is a strip of material located under the laces. Designed to protect the top of the foot in various ways by padding and eliminating friction from the laces, the tongue should stay in place and not slide from side to side.
  12. Topline Collar – The material of the topline collar is important because this is the area which your lower ankle will come into contact with. If it’s too abrasive it can cause foot injury. Likewise the softer and more padded it is the better.

What Are The Best Running Shoes?

There are plenty of qualities to look out for when choosing top running shoes; it’s not quite the same as searching for everyday fashion slip-ons. Here are some characteristics below to look out for:

– Good Cushioning

Nike Running ShoesIt goes without saying that any kind of shoe must provide good cushioning, but with running sneakers this is even more important. The impact on lower body joints through continual runs whether it’s during a marathon or triathlon, is something that should be absorbed by good cushioning. Most manufacturers such as Asics provide superior technology like gel and other materials to accommodate this need. For obvious reasons a thicker cushion will generally be more comfortable than a thin one, but also the material and technology play a big part in this too. Many brands have their own patented terms and designs to address this.

– Must Be Lightweight

Whether it’s good running shoes for men or women, they need to be light; it’s one of the most important characteristics which professional runners will always comment on. A sneaker that feels too heavy, or has any kind of weighted feeling will cause you to exert more energy, eventually making you tired and slowed down so be sure to take this into consideration. The average weight of some of the best running shoes for women and men alike are usually anything between 6 oz to 5 lbs, with the average being approximately 2 lbs. Although 2-5 lbs isn’t a great deal of weight to carry on your feet, especially on short distances, but over long runs this can certainly have a big impact.

– Seamless Uppers

Various different sneakers on a shelfA seamless upper is always good; a smooth and continuous construction without any obvious joins on the upper will help reduce irritation during continual runs. Any major joins can also lead to soreness or injury if the friction of a seam becomes too intense. An important characteristic to look out for, most of the best shoes for running are seamless, so it is certainly something worth investing in and will be much more comfy to wear.

– Offer Stability

A runners best friend is his shoe. Sneakers which keep the stride stable and balanced are considered to be good running shoes because they will keep you free from the common foot injuries and worse. Accidents could be lurking in poorly designed footwear so make sure there is something in the specification which addresses this characteristic. For example, most top end brands will have some kind of guidance lines for improving balance and gait. Lateral stability is also a common term that refers to vertical ankle support which is important for every runner.

– Men’s vs Women’s

A woman doing her lacesIn short, running sneakers are generally unisex in their overall physical layout and concept, however, if anything is to differentiate them it’s normally the color. Women’s jogging shoes are usually very colorful, bright and vibrant, or at least available in many different variations of style too. They may also be slightly narrower, or fit tighter. There isn’t much price difference, but if anything they may be slightly cheaper as women’s feet are generally smaller and can often get away with a children’s size which has a lower price tag. When it comes to choosing men’s jogging shoes, it’s usually an opposite of the above. They tend to be more expensive (mainly because of the size aspect), also available in less colorful designs, and may be better at accommodating wide feet.

– Aesthetics

Although the looks don’t make a difference to the performance of the sneaker, it’s nice to own a good looking pair. Plus they aren’t always cheap, so given the price, and considering your friends and co-runners will also be wearing similarly purposed footwear it pays to choose ones which look good. They often come in a multitude of various color combinations and funky designs and some even glow in the dark. However be sure to let specifications and reviews take precedence over the aesthetics.

Top 10 Running Shoes For Women

1. Asics Gel Noosa Tri 9 Triathlon Shoes

Asics Gel Noosa Tri 9 Triathlon ShoesWe couldn’t help but add the Asics Gel Noosa Tri 9 women’s running shoes to our list of reviews. Although there is a men’s variant, the women’s version is extremely popular with so much positive buzz online we had to check them out. This feature packed triathalon-specific advanced design doesn’t limit its usage; it’s often seen to be worn whilst working out in the gym and dancing in zumba classes; generally it’s fit for all uses. It has a seamless construction, open mesh upper, elastic laces, and advanced impact guidance system which improves the foots natural gait. There is too much to list here but overall an extremely competent pair of Asics sneakers for the money.

2. Asics Gel Nimbus 15

Asics Gel Nimbus 15 Women's Running ShoesOur running shoe reviews have a few pairs of Asics branded here but that’s not because they endorse us or because we have any favor towards them. Asics sneakers offer great value for money; they are very reliable, established, and stylish too. The Asics Gel Nimbus 15 is one of those continually successful design products in their range which is a development to the previous Nimbus 13 and 14. If you’re after a pair of the most comfortable running shoes for women which are gel cushioned, wide toe boxed, light, responsive, supportive and durable all in one, these are definitely worth a shot and especially well suited for marathons or other types of long distance running.

3. ASICS GEL-Venture® 4

ASICS GEL Venture 4 Women's Running ShoesAlthough these are women’s running shoes there is a heel measurement of approximately 1.25″ and a platform of 0.75″, both of which are designed to absorb impact which they manage to do extremely well with the gel cushioning system. There is a men’s version of the Asics Gel Venture 4 which is available in at least 4 color combinations and has a 1″ platform with plenty of midsole cushioning and superior shock absorption. We reviewed the pictured men’s version which felt like the most comfortable running sneakers we had tried on in ages. After two weeks of flat out testing they still seemed solid and built like they were fresh out of the box. Plenty of bounce, still fit as expected and no sweaty feet after long runs. This all rounder and will handle any trial and lives up to the trusted brand name.

4. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16

Blue and Grey Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16Considering Brooks specialize in this type of gear it’s no surprise that they make near perfect sneakers. Maximum stability, responsiveness and comfort are provided in the form of numerous patented technologies. Weighing hardly anything at all and full of patented specially researched design and technology they outperform most in their class with ease. Additionally, the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16 fulfills two rarities in our opinion, 1) they’re probably one of the best running shoes for wide feet, and 2) they are extremely good looking! With certain brands which exist that run quite narrow, name brand sneakers which accommodate wide feet are hard to come by. So, if you have wide feet and want some trusted footwear for road, gym, treadmill or track, these are especially for you.

5. Nike Revolution 2

Nike Revolution 2 Running SneakersThe Nike Revolution 2 is one of those which is hard to rival. We don’t like to favor brands but Nike have really done well since the beginning, and here, the reviewed Revolution 2 are a pair of extremely comfortable running shoes for women which are a worthy addition to their hall of fame. Weighing in at only 2 lbs, they are perfect shoes for Zumba, walking, jogging, gym, cross training, or simply for casual wear. Manufactured with a combination of synthetic leather for durability and mesh for the ultimate in breath-ability, your feet will stay dry even during the longest marathons.

6. Nike Air Max 2017

Nike Air Max 2017 Running SneakersNike Air Max are possibly one of the most popular range of sneakers which appeal to people of all ages and cater for various requirements through their range. Not only are they very popular fashion sneakers, expectantly they are great for all types of stride and walking too. The latest addition being the Air Max 2017 women’s running shoes provided a soft, cloud-like cushioning effect mile after mile on road and treadmill; probably something to do with their amazing looking full length Max Air unit. Beautifully designed, it boasts seamless overlays and improved motion control via the cushioned removable insoles. Combine this with a lightweight synthetic and mesh upper it promises a smooth, comfortable, and securely padded snug fit. Nothing else beats the experience so far, making these one of the best Nike running shoes for women new in 2017.

7. PUMA Tazon 5 Cross Training Shoes

PUMA Tazon 5 Cross Training ShoesThe PUMA Tazon 5 is a smart looking great all rounder; its not quite as niche compared to the other running shoe reviews listed here, but being a cross-trainer means they are good for abit of everything. Of the many positive reviews online, most owners say these fit as expected, but also mentioned they are slightly narrow and small toe box so be sure to select the correct option if you have wide feet. Lightweight and midsole cushioned, also with a good heel counter and crash pad, unrivaled stability in the form of technical innovation and revolutionary design, Puma sneakers are worthy of their good reputation, and the Tazon 5 lives up to their continually high standards.

8. Salomon Speedcross 3 Trail Running Shoes

Salomon Speedcross 3 Trail Running ShoesThe Salomon Speedcross 3’s are the sneakers you need in your life if you’re planning on a run through rough terrain like dirt or mud, or even snow! These stylish yet heavy duty trail running shoes are perfect for gravel and trail type roads; they are comfortable and maintain excellent traction whilst providing comfort and dryness even for the tough mudder. Wear these durable Salomons with pride; they look and feel indestructible, no doubt they will give you great value for money and pleasure for many usages ahead.

9. Salomon XR Mission Trail Running Shoes

Salomon XR Mission Trail Running ShoesAt only 8.5 oz, the pictured women’s Salomon XR Mission are an extremely lightweight and very impressive pair of trail running shoes which come highly recommended by the experts. Although not as suited as others for long distance such as marathons, the Salomon’s are perfect for short to middle distances. The trademarked rugged outsole provides excellent traction; combine that with an innovative extra cushion for heel striking, a well balanced toe spring, and a breathable mesh upper, these XR Missions are probably one of the best shoes for running along wet trails and mud runs.

10. Saucony Cohesion 7

Saucony Cohesion 7As with the other brands listed here, Saucony are also top in this field. The Saucony Cohesion 7 is one of those models from this respected name. Built from years of research on athletes, they offer good arch support and lateral stability. Although these are relatively cheap in price don’t let that put you off, they are definitely a pair of very good running shoes when compared to the others; we had much difficulty trying to fault them. Weighing only 8.6 oz, whether you’re tackling a 5k or a tough workout, the breathable mesh upper, durable synthetic supportive overlays, flexible forefoot, decoupled heel, all combined with the trademark fit, feel and performance of Saucony make this a set of top rated running shoes for women which are highly recommended (additionally available in men’s option too).

Top 10 Running Shoes For Men

1. Adidas Performance Ultra Boost M

adidas Performance Men's Ultra Boost MDesigned out of top grade textile / synthetic material and with comfortable rubber outsole, the Adidas Performance Ultra Boost M long distance running shoes for men is ideally suited for those who love to hit the road. Adidas Primeknit is designed to expand on impact with the surface when your foot lands which in turn makes for an irritation free experience. Essentially this technology gives your feet more breathing room which is especially good when you keep your sneakers on for scenarios such as 5k or 10k runs. This shoe features Adidas’ StretchWeb rubber outsole which is extremely lightweight (10.7 oz) and elastic. It adapts to the ground for maximum stability to become one of the best jogging shoes without doubt; even when walking, the Adidas boost energy returning technology never seems to shy away. For lateral and medial support you have their Torsion midsole and a sturdy heel counter, making these a friendly ally no matter what your training style may be.

2. ASICS fuzeX

ASICS fuzeX Men's Running ShoesThe midsole of the ASICS fuzeX men’s running shoes consists of both foam and gel which is the new GEL cushioning technology that ASICS uses. The technology creates a lightweight extremely comfortable platform for your feet. It absorbs the rear foot and heel shock which then converts into forefoot bounce for strike off. Like most of the best running shoes these too have been designed using a seamless upper which ensures less friction for your feet and toes. This is something that the traditional stitching style does not give. Additionally, the ComforDry removable sockliner ensures cushioning performance and moisture wicking for a cooler feel and a healthier environment no matter how often or how far you run.

3. Brooks Ghost 9

Brooks Ghost 9 Men's Running SneakersThe Brooks Ghost 9 is designed and made in the USA. It incorporates a number of different technologies including BioMoGo DNA midsole which is provides superior comfort from heel strike to toe off. The shoe features a soft rubber outsole which is great for superior grip, and no-sew overlays for reduced irritation in the toe box. It also features a good heel counter for firm reinforcement when required. The actual heel and midfoot segmented crash pad and omega flex grooves in the midsole ensures maximum cushioning and a softer support when landing. These Brooks sneakers also feature an adjustable saddle construction for maximum versatility, good toe spring for encouraging forward motion and a generously padded sock liner, all combining to make these worthy of our top 10 running shoe reviews.

4. Brooks Transcend 3

Brooks Men's Transcend 3 Running SneakersIf you’re after a pair of good running shoes you can always rely on Brooks. The Transcend 3 is yet another to add to their portfolio of top rated sneakers, this time designed for overpronation and a little more motion control. This design is best for people who want plenty of cushioning with extra stability for maximum comfort and better gait. It incorporates guide rails built right into the midsole area which is responsible for providing enhanced support that works well with the advanced crash pad and impressive heel counter. This directly assists the wearer’s hips, knees, and other stress points such as the joints to move around more naturally and with little stress. There is also a moisture managing mesh upper that prevents the elements in the atmosphere from entering the shoe and affecting your feet condition.

5. Mizuno Wave Hitogami 3

Men's Mizuno Wave Hitogami 3Extremely lightweight at only 6.3 oz and made using a mixture of textile and synthetic material, the Mizuno Wave Hitogami 3 men’s running shoes are a must whether you love to hit the road or track. These sneakers feature a soft rubber sole for improved grip in all conditions which is perfect for the regular runner. Also, it comes with the brand’s Parallel Wave technology, designed to work with one’s natural foot movement, making it perfect for foot types who don’t need much support. The inherent structure of the Wave function is to disperse the impact force evenly throughout the midsole, and when combined with the blow rubber forefoot it adds to the durability of the shoe as well as providing superior shock absorbing support. The classic 3D Mizuno Fit which gives better lateral support when landing and therefore better movement for the hips and other stress points of the body.

6. New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v2

New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v2 Men's Running SneakersThe New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v2 is one of those innovative pairs of top rated running shoes which is aptly named due to the thick plush foam midsole. Simplistic to the eye, these are far from suited simply for beginners; these are well suited for everyone and everywhere ranging from road, track and treadmill over short and long distance marathons. Combine the superior grip of the rubber outsole with the high toe spring and effective heel counter, these sneakers will glide your motion along whilst feeling like you have nothing on your feet. Made of lightweight mesh and synthetic with a seamless upper, the Fresh Foam Zante v2 is a good choice worth considering.

7. Nike Lunarglide 8

Nike Lunarglide 8 Running SneakersWhen it comes to choosing the best Nike running shoes for men, the Lunarglide 8 is a variant which you cannot dismiss. A good looking shoe that is ideal for walking as well as running on road, gym or track, it is fashionable enough to rock with your favorite jeans too. Featuring a design that amalgamates both synthetic and mesh elements, these made in the US sneakers come with soft rubber soles for maximum grip and stability when training either short or long distance. Along with the seamless upper, padded sockliner and back tab, the Lunarglide system boasts a very soft and plush Lunarlon foam midsole which provides extra support and a cushioning system from heel strike to toe off. An advanced crash pad and lightweight yet sturdy heel counter add to the exceptional design too.

8. Saucony Kinvara 7

Saucony Kinvara 7 Men's Running ShoesThe beautiful looking Saucony Kinvara 7 men’s running shoes are predominantly designed for those who love to hit the road, treadmill or track frequently. Made from seamless uppers and synthetic material, with a patented 3 layer outsole, the Saucony enhances excellent foot strike and toe off performance, whilst providing support for your feet and relieving pressure on your knees, hips and other stress points. Supplied with removable insoles, these can be swapped for custom orthotics which is especially good if you have flat feet or perhaps high arches. A versatile contender in a world where good running shoe reviews are abundant.

9. Saucony Peregrine 6 Trail Running Shoes

Saucony Peregrine 6 Men's Trail Running ShoesMade using lightweight waterproof synthetic and fabric, the Saucony Peregrine 6 trail running shoes for men is perfect for even the toughest hardcore trail runners. The rugged cut rubber outsole gives great lateral support and apparently 3 x more traction than conventional rubber, providing the much needed grip whilst charting unforgiving terrain. The shoe comes with proprietary EVERUN shock-absorbing heel inserts for maximum comfort in the hind foot area. Protection against stones and other protruding objects is addressed by the use of an EBO rock plate inserted in the heel and forefoot, however this doesn’t compromise weight or rigidity.

10. Saucony Xodus Iso Trail Running Shoes

Saucony Xodus Iso Men's Trail Running ShoesThis is yet another beauty on our list of running shoe reviews. These Saucony Xodus Iso men’s trail running shoes are produced using synthetic uppers and soft rubber outsole which is the perfect recipe for negotiating anything and everything that you could encounter. The removable insole adds to the diversity of the design allowing for custom orthotics if necessary. Perfect for medial and lateral support, the fit is lightweight, airy and irritation free. There aren’t many mountains that stand in your way when you don the Xodus Iso.


It’s decision time and once again without being unfair it’s going to be difficult to recommend which pair is the best shoes for running. To keep it unbiased we tried to keep it brand fair, but unfortunately the likes of Asics and Nike appear more than once but that’s only because they really do make good running shoes which we cannot deny. However, out of the top 10 reviews for men and 10 for women, it became a tough choice but apparent which pair were going to come first:

Our highest rated and toughly decided conclusion is that so far the best running shoes of 2017 for women are the Asics Gel Noosa Tri 9. The multi purpose sneakers are designed with triathlon in mind, meaning they are built to last multiple 5k and 10k runs. Also great for treadmill or gym workout, the super light Asics snug your feet so comfortably that it makes any activity a breeze. The easy-on elastic laces and seamless open mesh construction, combined with an easy water drainage facility mean it’s ideal for wet or dry conditions. The stylish glow in the dark print also adds to the safety element of wearing these at dark. Overall, for the money you can’t really ask for much more.

When it came to choosing the best running shoes for men in 2017 so far, it was even more of a difficult task. However we soon concluded that the Nike Lunarglide 8 were a perfectly good choice from the top 10 to rate as number one. The mild motion control and extremely comfortable foam midsole cushioning provided superior shock absorption and lateral stability was aplenty. Not during a single mile did the sneakers feel like they weren’t up for the job.