Tips On Finding The Best Salsa Shoes

If you plan on dancing salsa, it is important to have the right kind of footwear. Regardless if you are a beginner or an expert salsa dancer, the right footwear gives you the chance to dance gracefully. But given the number of options for sale out there, it may be difficult to choose the right pair for your feet. For starters, what exactly is Salsa? Well, in a nutshell it is a Latin American dance that requires plenty of movements. This is the reason why good salsa dance shoes are lightweight, comfortable, and flexible. How is it different from other footwear? They are flexible, but firmer than the usual dance shoes. So, when it comes to buying shoes for salsa, you must consider the below:

The Fit And Sizing

You want the fit and the sizing to be perfect for salsa moves. What exactly is the perfect fit? The shoes should wrap tight like a glove. It is imperative that the feet will not be wiggling when dancing. You may perhaps find them a bit too snug, but this will most likely stretch eventually when you start using more often. Also, make sure that you check the sizing of the brand you are going after. Different manufacturers may give a different size chart. However, it is a common practice that your Latin dance shoes will be the same as your everyday street shoes. If you have narrow feet, consider going down half a size. If your feet are a bit wide, then consider the opposite, and go half a size higher.


Women wearing high heeled latin dance shoesIf you are going to dance for hours, might as well consider your comfort. One of the things you should be very particular about is the breathability of your feet. This is why you should look closely at the overall design. There are types that offer holes to allow your feet to breathe and not get too moist after hours of dancing. Most are open toe, so ventilation is more than adequate, but nonetheless keep this factor in mind.

Raised Heel Design

Dancing salsa requires you to put much weight on your foot. One of the best features of any well-designed Latin dance shoes are an elevated heel. This makes movement easier for the dancer. Not to mention, it allows you to smoothly transition your foot’s placement and adjust your posture. Both men and women’s designs have a heel height of around 1 to 2 inches. Wedge style is commonly used even by men. This type of Latin dance shoes gives the foot enough contact to the ground while giving proper elevation on the heel to allow precision in dancing. On the other hand, the Cuban heel, or more popularly known as the standard ballroom shoes also work well. For women, it is important that the heel is wide. Flared heel design gives women the opportunity to dance while the footwear allows the individual to have good weight placement.


If you are planning to regularly dance in your local studio, it matters to consider the durability of your footwear. It is a bonus if it lasts a good number of years. Unfortunately, not all are made the same. Consider the material carefully if you plan on investing on the right salsa dance shoes, because a good pair can last for quite some time whilst cheap ones will fall apart before you know it. In general, if you ask the professionals, they will consider leather as the best salsa shoes that offer great comfort and durability.

Price Range

Let’s be practical, many dancers are not yet at professional level. For those who are simply doing salsa for fitness or for fun, there are cheaper alternatives to leather such as those salsa shoes that make use of synthetic uppers. However, always remember that price shouldn’t be the only thing to consider.


Many dancers are very particular about the sole of their shoes. Suede and leather are two common options that you can go for. This allows the dancer to step, spin, and do the necessary maneuvers required. If you are a beginner, leather can be rather slippery and may take a few lessons before you get used to it. But of course, also make sure that the soles don’t offer too much traction since this can leave you at risk of getting injured. If you consider suede soles, keep in mind that you will need to clean them now and then, given the fact that it tends to collect grime on the dance floor. To keep the suede sole of your salsa shoes in perfect condition, you will have to use a specially designed suede sole brush for this scenario.


If you plan on investing on the best salsa shoes, always remember that there are different designs available in the market. Different dancers have various tastes and preference when it comes to their footwear. With these things we mentioned, you will be able to find the right pair for you.

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