The Best Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis And Overpronation

A woman with plantar fasciitisPlantar fasciitis affects about 10% of the entire world population, which roughly works out to 700,000,000 people worldwide. It presents as severe plantar heel pain that if left untreated can become a chronic problem. There are several treatment options including but not limited to medications, steroid use, and RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation).

When it comes to plantar fasciitis, relief, prevention and cure is broad, as are the causes and symptoms. However, the cheapest, quickest and most effective treatment is to ensure the correct footwear is always worn. For those lucky enough to have stumbled across this page and have pain-free healthy feet, make sure you’re continuing to wear the correct footwear in order to prevent damage to your feet in the future. For those already experiencing arch, foot or heel pain, you’ll need to invest in some new sneakers. There are numerous things to look out for when choosing a pair of the best shoes for plantar fasciitis, and it can become overwhelming with all the different brands, choice and technical jargon, but no need to stress because our buying guide summarizes and simplifies everything you need to know.

The Best Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

Shoes For Women

#Brand & ModelMotion ControlTypeUpperPrice
1Klogs Landing DressNoSlip OnLeather
2New Balance Fresh FoamYesRunningSynthetic & Fabric
3Nike Air Max 2017YesRunningSynthetic & Mesh
4OOFOS OOcloogNoClogsSynthetic
5OOFOS OoriginalNoFlip FlopsN/A
6Orthofeet ChelseaNoSlip OnLeather
7Orthofeet SarasotaNoSandalsLeather
8Saucony GuideYesRunningSynthetic & Fabric
9Vionic Kona KonaNoRunningSynthetic
10Vionic Orthaheel Tide IINoSandalsN/A

Shoes For Men

#Brand & ModelMotion ControlTypeUpperPrice
1Asics Gel-KayanoYesRunningSynthetic
2Asics GT-2000YesRunningSynthetic
3Brooks AddictionYesWalkingLeather
4Brooks BeastYesRunningMesh
5New Balance MW928YesWalkingLeather
6New Balance M990v3YesRunningLeather & Fabric
7Nike Air Max 2017YesRunningSynthetic & Mesh
8Nike Dual Fusion Run 3NoRunningSynthetic & Mesh
9Saucony KinvaraNoRunningSynthetic & Mesh
10Vionic OrthaheelYesWalkingLeather & Mesh

Selecting The Best Plantar Fasciitis Shoes

There are plenty of exercises and ways of preventing inflammation but knowing which footwear works well to alleviate stress on the ligament is important. Below we discuss what to look out for when buying any kind of good shoes for plantar fasciitis pain:

Thumbs Up The Ones To Choose:

– Running Shoes

In general it’s usually the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis from top brands such as the ones reviewed below which tend to manufacture the most purchase worthy. They have invested big money on research and manufacturing their product to provide protection against high impact usage which will in turn provide padding, good arch support, and optimal shock absorption where it matters. Each of the shoe reviews below go into more depth on how they benefit people with symptoms.

– Motion Control Shoes

Motion control shoes are ones which are durable and rigid with the purpose of limiting inward rolling of the foot which is known as overpronation. They are perfect for improper foot alignment due to the ability to realign the foot to a natural position which reduces gait abnormalities, and the possibility of wear to other body parts like the knees, hips and lower back. Normally you wouldn’t easily be able to identify motion control shoes just by looking at their exterior, so it’s worth checking the specification to ensure it caters for this need.

– Shoes With Arch Support

Shoes with good arch supportThe best shoes for plantar fasciitis and overpronation are ones with good arch support. Look out for shoes which place extra emphasis on this. It’s important that the medial arch doesn’t become flat else ligament strain will occur midfoot and in other places which will in turn lead to increased pain in the feet. Usually the manufacturer will emphasize the technology or design efforts used to address this characteristics, which most commonly achieved using custom patents.

– Heel Cushions

Good heel cushions which provide adequate padding and support is ideal. Many orthotic shoes have state of the art gel cushioning which reduces shock during high pressure impact, and normal usage such as continual walking or running.

– Removable Orthotic Inserts

Orthotic InsoleAs orthotics are to be worn throughout the duration of your treatment, this characteristic is one which cannot be neglected. When you visit a podiatrist they will almost certainly ask you to buy orthotic friendly shoes, which mean if it has removable insoles it’s a bonus because they can be swapped out for the recommended orthotic inserts if the default doesn’t quite fit or perform as expected. Also, if the original becomes too worn you can buy specialist insoles to replenish the interior if the exterior is still in good enough condition to keep.

– Tough and Durable

The best plantar fasciitis shoes will have minimal bend or twist in the midsole. Too much flexibility gives way to overpronation which is not good. The overpronator will find more comfort from a relatively stiff mold as opposed to flexible.

The Ones To Avoid:

Thumbs Down– Cheap Alternatives

Avoid buying cheap shoes. It’s not so much the price we’re concerned about because sales occur all the time, it’s the overall quality of budget shoes we’re referring to. A number of the options we review below may be some of the most expensive shoes in this niche but there is a valid reason. In reality you really do get what you pay for, and paying for cheapest is not going to help.

– Too Soft

Ones which are too flexible should be avoided because they fail to provide the stability and support required to qualify a title as good shoes for overpronation. Valid examples would be materials such as canvas and cheap leather, these should be avoided at all cost.

– Don’t Be Fooled By Looks

There is plenty of good looking footwear on the market ranging from the Medusa clad Versace sneakers to design aplenty Nike Air Max 90’s. However looks should come second in this scenario so don’t prioritize fashion; function comes first.

Most people who suffer from the disorder have had much success in reducing their midfoot and back of heel pain via non-surgical treatments simply by changing their footwear. This is the quickest, cheapest and most effective way forward, and for this reason based on actual verified owner input we have produced below a list of the best shoes for plantar fasciitis. The shoe reviews and pictures below are not gender specific, for example each of the below come in different designs and color combinations to suit both men’s and women’s fashion needs:

Top 10 Plantar Fasciitis Shoes For Women

1. Klogs USA Landing Dress Pumps

Klogs USA Landing Dress PumpsKlogs already widely known in the industry for their professional nursing shoes have now ventured further into this field. They have created a leather, synthetic sole, offering a non-marking anti slip shoe. The removable polyurethane insoles offer a cushioned interior pillow for your painful feet. The insoles offer an unparalleled level of support that is sure to have your feet or heel spur thanking you. Klogs in their infinite wisdom decided to offer this shoe in three different very professional colors which are black smooth, caramel, and slate smooth. Smart enough to wear as work shoes, and casual enough for evening wear too, these clogs also add about 0.5 inches to your height.

2. New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v6 Running Shoes

Purple New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v6 Running ShoesNew Balance, a name that is synonymous with running has decided to create one of the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis, offering a solution designed for those experiencing the dreaded inflammation and pain of the ligament. The Fresh Foam 1080v6 comes in five various colors including light blue, purple, gray, pink, and blue-pink. The material of the shoe is manufactured using imported synthetic fabric all designed with a singular purpose of providing comfort. The fresh foam of the midsole is sure to provide an adequate amount of arch support and overall has an impact on improving gait and overpronation of the foot. New Balance decided to use science and proven data to design these sneakers, and in turn have produced a tremendous pair of plantar fasciitis shoes which are hard to rival so far in early 2017.

3. Nike Air Max 2017 Running Shoes

Nike Air Max 2017 Women's Running Shoes For Plantar FasciitisNike has released this year’s Air Max, and they have improved upon what are already successful sneakers. They used a creative combination of synthetic and mesh material while integrating a series of fly wire cables that function as a lacing system. The plush foam and mesh tongue offering a breathable surface, while the midsole offers improved motion control for those harmful overpronation issues. As an added safety feature Nike placed a reflective pattern on the side of Air Max 2017. This particular design is offered in six different color variations so you are sure to find just the right color to express yourself while alleviating midfoot and heel pain.

4. OOFOS OOcloog Clogs

OOFOS OOcloog Women's ClogsOOFOS created these clogs using an imported synthetic material. This works to provide support for women suffering from plantar fasciitis pain by providing an impact resistant synthetic sole. One important feature that this particular clog offers is that it is machine washable. The arch support is more than adequate and has vented sides, along with cool logoing at the heel. OOFOS has the OOCloog in two different color variations which are black and plum. Being an extremely easy slip on design is a bonus for those with painful feet, these can also be described as a recovery type of footwear for those suffering from any kind of pain in arch, heel or midfoot.

5. OOFOS OOriginal Thong Flip Flops

OOFOS OOriginal Thong Flip Flops For WomenOOFOS is on the list again for designing another pair of good plantar fasciitis shoes. This time though they created an ultra-comfortable thong flip flop that is made of imported synthetic materials. The height of the sole measures at one inch and the raised rocker type design improves motion control and gait whilst reducing overpronation and pressure on the sensitive areas of the foot. It offers a basic yet elegantly molded and textured foot bed that also offers an incredible amount of supportive comfort. The sole is also created of synthetic material too. OOFOS offers these flip flops five different color variations including red, slate, violet, mocha, and even cloud white.

6. Orthofeet Chelsea Orthotic Loafers

Orthofeet Chelsea Orthotic Women's LoafersOrthofeet Chelsea is a leader among professional women’s orthopedic shoes that comes in three different color variations. These colors include black, brown, and even black croc so that you are sure to find a professional style for any situation. Orthofeet manufactured these loafers using only the finest leather available. The orthotic support comes as a molded insole with additional gel padding and an anatomically correct arch support for those fallen arches. The combination of these functions all work in unison to offer an unmatched level of comfort and pain relief. The sole was designed using lightweight material containing air cushioning that softens as you wear them.

7. Orthofeet Sarasota Fisherman Sandals

Orthofeet Sarasota Fisherman Motion Control ShoesOrthofeet created the Sarasota using supportive leather that functions by offering a contoured fit. The insole molds to the arch of the user’s feet providing an amazing amount of enhanced structural support and comfort. This helps to relieve pain in the feet often associated with plantar fasciitis or overpronation. The outsole was created using air cushioning that works with a technology called the Ergonomic Stride to increase the amount of overall support, gait and motion control offered by the Sarasota.  Not only are these award winning orthopedic shoes designed for overpronating women with plantar fasciitis but also for those who suffer from heel, foot, arch, and knee pain. It is offered in three color variations including black, tan, and bronze.

8. Saucony Guide 9 Running Shoes

Saucony Guide 9 Plantar Fasciitis Running ShoesReading any running shoe reviews will tell you that Saucony is a company very well-known for designing and manufacturing some of the best sneakers of all time. The Guide 9 is created using an imported synthetic fabric. The rubber sole works to create stable footing for the wearer whilst the mesh material of the upper is supported using an exo-skeletal system. These sneakers will not only help with plantar fasciitis pain but will also get you out running on the road in no time. This variant comes in seven different color variations so you are sure to be wearing the best shoes for plantar fasciitis whilst showing off your personality.

9. Vionic Kona Orthotic Shoes

Vionic Kona Orthotic Athletic ShoesThe Kona was created by Vionic, a company that specializes in medically supportive shoes. It was manufactured using an imported synthetic material offering these orthotic shoes which fit like a glove, making them perfect for natural foot alignment and with padding that has pain relieving properties. The sole was made using  well-gripping rubber material for superior traction. As you’d expect, this shoe was created to offer a quality of support that would only be beaten by the level of comfort it offered, and the one word that keeps coming up is comfortable. Vionic made these available in four color variations including navy/coral, grey/lime, black/fuchsia, and white/blue.

10. Vionic Orthaheel Tide II

Vionic Orthaheel Tide IIVionic is on the list again this time offering the Tide II, an incredibly comfortable pair of sandals for plantar fasciitis. You want to talk about color variations; this one comes in a ridiculous amount of color at twenty seven different choices. Vionic created these orthotic sandals using an imported synthetic rubber sole and with the intent that you can wear them all day long with little or no pain at all. The specific purpose of these are to reduce the amount of stress felt upon the wearer’s feet due to the EVA lightweight rubber material of the midsole functions to absorb shock.

Top 10 Plantar Fasciitis Shoes For Men

1. Brooks Beast 16

Brooks Beast 16 Motion Control ShoesThese are Brooks’ top of the range motion control shoes; recommended by podiatrists as one of top plantar fasciitis shoes in 2017, they provide excellent performance for the heavy-to-severe overpronator. The Diagonal Rollbar adds rigidity to the forefoot and enhances midfoot support, whilst cushioning is taken care of by the Full-Foot Brooks DNA Cushioning Technology which automatically and physically adapting with each foot strike to provide optimal balance and stability. Highly rated by owners, and considered one of the best shoes in its category by professionals, the Brooks Beast 16 doesn’t come cheap but is certainly worth the price tag.

2. Nike Dual Fusion Trail Running Shoes

Nike Dual Fusion Trail Running ShoesWhen it comes to Nike plantar fasciitis shoes you will be hard pushed to find anything better than the Dual Fusion Run 3. Available in both men’s and women’s versions, these overpronation running shoes fit true to size and allow for an utmost comfortable running or walking experience. Made of breathable synthetic and mesh uppers with a rubber sole, there is also a lightweight firm phylon carrier and soft interior phylon core, with a perfect midsole that creates a gently cushioned ride.

3. Asics GT 2000

Asics GT 2000 Running SneakersAsics are well known for leading the way in creating running shoes for those who suffer from foot pain. This shoe specific pair for men comes in six color variations. It is made of imported synthetic leather with a rubber sole to again reduce the risks of slips and falls. This particular shoe is specially formulated to help those running with a mild to moderate overpronation. It has an impact guidance system to help guide your foot to the proper placement upon touching the ground. Of course it also offers a front and rear foot GEL cushioning system for comfort which Asics create so perfectly. They also boast that this is one of their lightest they have ever made. The insert is composed of two layers of memory foam that is designed to form to each user’s foot so you will actually get a personalized fit.

4. Asics GT-2000 2

ASICS GT-2170 Men's Plantar Fasciitis ShoesLike the aforementioned GT-2000, the GT-2000 2 is widely accepted as one of the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis due to the good pronation control provided by the guidance line flex grooves. The improved rearfoot and forefoot gel cushioning provides  support and heel pain relief, thus reducing strain on the fascia ligament. Even if you’re not into running, these super comfortable sneakers are good for walking or general day to day use, and they even look great too. Highly recommended by the experts and foot pain suffers alike.

5. Asics Gel-Kayano 20

ASICS GEL-Kayano 20 Motion Control ShoesSharing similar traits of the GT 2000 2 bigger brother, every inch of these Gel Kayano 20 Asics sneakers are designed to perfection for lateral support, foot alignment, comfort and padding. They are extremely light only weighing 11.8 oz, yet still strong enough for more than adequate motion control for the overpronator. The combination of various patented designs make these extremely good plantar fasciitis shoes from a trusted athletics brand.

6. Asics Gel-Kayano 21

Asics Gel Kayano 21Like the Kayano 20, the newer and revised 21’s are also a great pair of plantar fasciitis running shoes for men and women both. The sneakers come in eighteen different colors so you can ensure that you’ll find a match for any taste. It is made of an imported synthetic material with a rubber sole to prevent slips and trips. It is specially designed to improve the natural gait (or alignment) and attempts to offer a natural relief from pain such as that arising from the fascia ligament. The included gel insert is easy to remove and replace if need be but offers a great support system for the wearer. The shoe looks great and would fit in with anyone’s wardrobe. The heel measures at 1.5” inches, and offers a moisture-wicking sockliner so it is great for those running in warm weather. Whether you opt for the 20 or 21, rest assured you’ll be purchasing a product made by one of the best brands in the world.

7. New Balance M990v3 Running Shoes

New Balance Men's 990V3Not only are these built to last, they also provide a medical level of support and comfort with the aesthetics of trendy everyday fashion sneakers. The 990 range is a heritage classic which is under continual improvement, and the latest M990v3 is credit to their line up. Known for alleviating foot problems as a whole due to their pronation control and plenty of effective padding in the removable orthotic insoles, these are definitely a good choice for those who require foot pain relief.

8. Saucony Kinvara 7 Running Shoes

Saucony Kinvara 7Whether you’re after a pair of the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis or for general everyday walking, don’t overlook the Saucony Kinvara 7. Not only do these sneakers look awesome, they are highly respected among their verified owners who suffer from various other problems such as fallen arches or severe heel pain, and require specialist shoes for flat feet. This range has become immensely popular due to its ability to offer smooth transitions whilst keeping your feet secure and aligned. Due to continued innovation and development taking place over the years the Saucony Kinvara 7 is a fully equipped for all rounder.

9. Orthaheel Walker Athletic

Orthaheel Athletic Walker Motion Control ShoesThe podiatrist designed Orthaheel motion control shoes force the overpronator to stand and walk correctly which makes it ideal for improving balance and abnormality of gait. The antibacterial removable orthotic inserts have contoured arch support, and a heel cup which realigns the stride, all of which help to allow for walking without discomfort. They have shock absorbing soles and a tough leather upper providing strong support where it’s most needed, adding quality and therapeutic benefit to the overall structure of these sneakers. Armed with an American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) seal of approval, the Orthaheel is one of the best walking shoes for plantar fasciitis to date.

10. New Balance MW928 Walking Shoes

New Balance MW928 Walking ShoesThe New Balance MW928 are quite possibly the most comfortable walking shoes in their product range. They are known to offer utmost stability and cushioning thus considered one of the best shoes for overpronation even after mile upon mile of usage. The subtle design looks great and comes in 4 colors to choose from. This model has been around for a number of years but it continues to gain popularity with those experiencing some type of foot arch pain or abnormal gait. The advanced stabilizing rollbar technology is amazingly supportive, and the midfoot cushioning never fails to deliver it’s purpose; the MW928 was designed with lateral stability and comfort in mind, which it does very well from the heel to toe box.


Not everyone’s circumstances are the same; not everyone experiences the same amount of stress to the fascia ligament and each person has their own pain threshold. Each person may have different lifestyle or habits which is invoking the condition. However, one thing for certain though is ensuring you have the correct sneakers at your ready means whichever scenario or category you find yourself in you’ll have no problems to combat and alleviate whatever is causing pains. We’ve discussed above based on expert and user reviews some of the best shoes for plantar fasciitis and overpronation, however it’s your choice now based on budget and design because ultimately they are all cherry picked and top rated which are renowned for being fit for purpose.